Oman Tourist Map

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Experience the Arabian jewel from “a Thousand and One Nights”, with dreamlike landscapes and time honored traditions charmingly interwoven with a contemporary lifestyle. Shaped by desert and ocean, the Sultanate has many natural and cultural treasures to discover. Just a step away from the well cared for modern city streets, the tantalizing smell of incense will lead you into an exotic world of color and bustling sound little changed in hundreds of years; where market stall vendors renowned for their friendliness and hospitality sell handcrafts and artworks.

The Oman Tourist Map is your comprehensive and competent guide to Oman’s diverse natural and cultural attractions. From Musandam in the north to Dhofar in the south, this map is providing a wealth of information for all regions in the Sultanate. Printed on tear and water proof paper, the map is GPS truth, reliable and easy to read. In addition the map is featuring a bulk of important tourist information and useful hints. Discover Oman’s prominent attractions as well as the hidden treasures with support of this informative map and guide book.

Discovering the visible and hidden treasures in Oman has never been easier.

The map is officially approved by Oman’s National Survey Authority and has been developed in close cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism.

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Scale 1 : 1.250.000

Colored shaded relief with elevation – classified road network (GPS-truth) – longitude and latitude – distance table for more than 40 cities – scale bar – POI index – duplex – 90×70 cm – tear and waterproof paper.

POI information:

Hotels, resorts, camping sites, desert camps, tourist information, shopping malls, markets and souqs, forts and castles, towers and tombs, major mosques, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, historical sites, archaeological sites, museums, parks and recreational parks, camel and horse racing, nature reserves, oasis and wadis, major falaj systems, show caves, natural and geological sites.

Activity information:

Trekking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, golf, swimming, diving and snorkeling, wreck diving, surfing, fishing, turtle breeding sites, dolphins and whale watching, bird watching, wildlife watching.

Topographic information:

International boundaries, governorates, cities, towns and villages, dual carriageways and highways, main roads, relevant gravel roads and tracks, road numbers, petrol stations, hospitals, international and domestic airports, ports and ferries.

Guide book information:

The map is featuring comprehensive guide book information with text and images on Souqs (traditional markets), Traditional Omani Villages, Mosques, Wadis, Deserts, Mountains, Caves, Beaches, Lagoons, Islands, Natural Springs, Nature Reserves and Parks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Archaeological Sites, Forts and Castles.

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